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Happy Halloween/Samhain, everyone!

Wasn’t able to go all-out this year, but at least I’m not in a sling anymore! Didn’t have time to make a stem to attach my wings to, so you can see the strap. Ah well~ I had a great time handing out candy to tons of adorable kids though, even when the fire alarm went off in our building for a bit!

This is my first time every doing gifs without just a few pictures, so excuse me for the shitty quality and my ugly face~ I hope everyone enjoyed themselves and stayed safe and happy~!  :’DDD

Also, my Ask box is still open for Halloween shenanigans, if anyone’s interested!

I know this is a Samhain post, but this was just too awesome.

Anonymous asked: What is your personal definition of "faerie"


My UPG post about what Faeries are

What exactly are the Fae?

They go by various names found within folklore and mythology like

  • Fair folk
  • Wee Folk
  • Other People
  • Good Folk
  • Little People
  • Fey (Fae)
  • Fariy (Faerie/Faery)

They also have many names that people within their own personal practices and beliefs call them (The names I sometimes call them)

  • Arcadians
  • The Fair
  • Dream Folk

I covered what they’re called, but not exactly what they are.

So what do I believe faeries are?

They are a race of beings born from the dreams of the gods

What do I mean by that? Well, there was a time when the gods physically lived in our realm, and they could create almost anything they desired.

Arcadia (Faelands) was created from their dreams, and the first and oldest of the Fae were born.

The first and oldest of faeries were born from specific dreams, and from these first the rest of the fae were “born” into existence. 

They are any being that came from those first. A huge list of faeries from folklore to look at. There are many faeries that are not written about within folklore. What of them? Why are they not included? There are many that rarely or never left Arcadia, so they were never written of. It is also important to note that some never ventured near human settlements. It could also be that what ever knowledge of them was destroyed or lost because of time. Its hard to exactly pin point the various reasons for there are many.

Faeries vs Nature Spirits

I thought it was important to put this here because I do firmly believe the two are different. 

Nature spirits encompass this world. They are the very embodiment of nature come to life.

Faeries are from another place. They came to this world from there, and though they do tend to enjoy and admire nature they are not directly linked to it. They are separate and not dependent upon our world itself.

My faith

You are immortal; you exist for billions of years in different manifestations, because you are Life, and Life cannot die. You are in the trees, the butterflies, the fish, the air, the moon, the sun. Wherever you go, you are there, waiting for yourself.

Don Miguel Ruiz, The Mastery of Love (via mirroir)

Good point

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if you’re sad, hug a tree. lay with the grass. talk to the moon. let the sun warm your skin. feel the dirt beneath your feet. appreciate the color of the sky, the smell of the flowers. make love to the earth.

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